Are White Wolf Nutrition Products safe to use whilst pregnant or breastfeeding?

Our vegan protein blends use the highest quality ingredients available and don't include any artificial ingredients. It should be an acceptable source of protein during pregnancy and breastfeeding for healthy women. As every pregnancy can be different, we do recommend that prior to taking our protein, pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a physician or their health care professional to ensure our products are suitable for you.


Is there any caffeine in White Wolf Nutrition products?

Yes, some of our products contain caffeine. Here is the break down of each product containing Caffeine: - All Natural Fat Burner Concentrate -  Contains 150mg Caffeine per serve - All Natural Pre Workout - Contains 125mg per 6.25g scoop - Iced Coffee Protein - contains less than 5.5mg per serve.


What sweetener does White Wolf Nutrition use?

We use an organic Stevia sourced from a farm located in South Australia.


What is the best way to store White Wolf Nutrition Products?

Pre Workouts - We reccomend storing your pre workout in the fridge or freezer as some ingredients in pre workouts are "hygroscopic" meanign they attract moisture.

All other products - Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and ensure packaging is resealed after each use.


Can I use the Vegan & All-in-one proteins as a meal replacement?

Yes, you can add a scoop of our protein with some fruit of your choice, a milk of choice and some nuts/nut spread or coconut oil, and you will have an amazing smoothie that you can use as a nutritious meal. Otherwise, our proteins are a great addition to your healthy and active lifestyle. For optimum health, ensure you have a well-balanced diet with lots of fresh whole foods.


Is your Whey protein Certified Organic?

Although we only source the highest quality whey protein from grass feed, free range cows that is free from hormones, GMO’s and pesticides our whey protein is not certified organic.


Are your Superfoods organic?

Yes, our superfood blend added to our proteins are organic.


Are your Fat Burners Vegan?

Yes. We have worked very hard to formulate a great tasting fat burner that actually works with amazing natural Fat burning ingredients that are scientifically proven, and clinically dosed.


What is the best time to use our Fat Burners?

For optimal results, use the White Wolf Nutrition Fat Burners first thing in the morning, before exercise or whilst during exercise. 


How many times a day can I take Fat Burners?

Take your fat burners in the morning, before or during exercise! You can gradually increase your intake without exceeding two servings per day. 


My item was damaged due to shipping, what do I do?

Please email us at info@whitewolfnutrition.com include your order number with details and photo’s of the damaged product and we will be in contact as soon as possible.


I changed my mind about my White Wolf Nutrition order

We are currently not accepting returns for change of mind due to COVID. We apologise for any inconvenience


I accidentally ordered the wrong product, what do I do?

We pick and pack your orders as fast as possible, so please ensure you order the correct items as it may be difficult to change your order before it is dispatched.

Please email info@whitewolfnutrition.com with details of your order and we try to rectify the situation as fast as possible


Can I use more than 1 coupon code per order?

Only 1 discount code will be accepted in our online checkout per order.


Can I try a Sample?

Yes, we have samples available for purchase.

Check out our Sample + FREE SHAKER deal for amazing value!

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How much does Shipping cost?

What is the difference between the different  vegan protein ranges?

We have our OG, the All-In-One Superfood blend and the new Natural and Lean Protein Blend. 

We have a handy little blog that goes into the key differences here