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    Orders will be dispatched within 2 business days. Once orders leave White Wolf Nutrition HQ, they will be sent through Australia Post for International shipping and Fastway for orders within Australia & NZ. If you have ordered within Australia your order will be tracked through fastway and you may request tracking information if needed. For International orders there is no tracking available. White Wolf Nutrition will not be held responsible for packages that do no reach their final International location.


    $5 Flat rate up to $100. 

    Orders over $100 Free Shipping Australia Wide 

    New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland

    Estimated 3-7 Business days

    Tasmania, South Australia

    Estimated 3-10 Business days

    Northern Territory, Western Australia

    Estimated 7-10 Business days


    If you have not received your trackable order within 10 business days please contact us and we will strive to track it down and have it in your hands ASAP. To make the process run as smooth as possible please ensure your delivery address and email entered is correct before completing your order, as we do not offer postage refunds on incorrect address entered.


    1.  We will only except unopened goods for your refund.

    2. You will be refunded your entire purchase price less the shipping cost.

    3. Refunds will only be available if we have been notified within 14 days of purchase and with a valid reason.

    4. Our refund policies are in accordance with the Australian Consumer Protection legislation.

    5. Refunds may take up to 14 days to be processed and cleared in the same method/bank as you made the purchase. 

    6. Should you wish to return your order, please notify us at:



    Estimated 5-10 Business days 

    Add $7.00 AUD for tracking

    All rates in AUD

    0.1 - 1kg $ 13.78 
    1.1kg - 2kg $ 27.57
    2.1kg - 3kg $ 41.34
    3.1kg - 4kg $ 55.12




    Estimated 10-15 Business days 

    Add $7.00 AUD for tracking

    All rates in AUD

    0.1kg - 1kg $ 18.47
    1.1kg - 2kg $ 36.84
    2.1kg - 3kg $ 55.26
    3.1kg - 4kg $ 73.68



    Add $7.00 AUD for tracking

    All rates in AUD

    0.1kg - 1kg $ 23.76
    1.1kg - 2kg $ 47.52
    2.1kg - 3kg $ 71.28
    3.1kg - 4kg $ 95.04



    Add $7.00 AUD for tracking

    All rates in AUD

    0.1kg - 1kg $ 16.72
    1.1kg - 2kg $ 33.44
    2.1kg - 3kg $ 50.16
    3.1kg - 4kg $ 66.88



    Add $7.00 AUD for tracking

    All rates in AUD

    0.1kg - 1kg $ 16.00
    1.1kg - 2kg $ 32.00
    2.1kg - 3kg $ 48.00
    3.1kg - 4kg $ 64.00



    Add $7.00 AUD for tracking

    All rates in AUD

    0.1kg - 1kg $ 23.78
    1.1kg - 2kg $ 47.56
    2.1kg - 3kg $ 71.34
    3.1kg - 4kg  $ 95.12



    Add $7.00 AUD for tracking

    All rates in AUD

    0.1kg - 1kg $ 17.50
    1.1kg - 2kg $ 35.00
    2.1kg - 3kg $ 52.50
    3.1kg - 4kg $ 70.00


    WORLD - ZONE 8

    All rates in AUD

    0.1kg - 1kg   $ 28.02
    1.1kg - 2kg   $ 56.04
    2.1kg - 3kg $ 84.06
    3.1kg - 4kg $ 112.08




    1. International orders can not be shipped via express or next day delivery .

    2. All taxes, duties and customs fees will be sole responsibility of the customer.

    3. Customs authorities require that we MUST notify them of the retail value of your order directly on the package 

    4. In some circumstances customs agents may delay the delivery of the packages at their discretion.

    5. Please contact your local customs authority prior to purchasing our products for more information on duties and customs charges. 

    6. We strive to have your products delivered in a timely fashion. We estimate that you will hopefully receive your order within 10-15 business days from the ship date. ( if products have not been held by your local customs authorities )

    Currency & Exchange Rates

    All orders made through will be in Australian dollars AUD. The final amount does NOT include any local taxes, duties, levies or tariffs . For exchange rate please contact your preferred financial institution. Credit card processors MAY charge you a conversion fee.