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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Melissa Ellis
    huge fan

    huge fan of this product, thank you.

    Shannon Oostenbroek
    Energy for longer

    I tried the pineapple and I know some people would love this flavour but I didn't like it as much as the juicy peach and wished I continued with the juicy peach. The price is right for if you like it but I'm going to sprinkle it tiny bits at a time with other flavours as I just didn't like it on its own even as half a scoop or with other flavours. I haven't tried the strawberry kiwi one but because I was disappointed with this one im scared to. Love the juicy peach one though and will be getting that one again as my go to aminos. Maybe one day ill try the strawberry kiwi but I have alot of pineapple to get through which will take a few rounds with the juicy peach ones I get in future along with my sour watermelon pre workout which I also love.. I'd love to try other flavours but it'll take some time as I have the budget for 2 each time and they run out quite quickly and would have to pay extra to try another as I need to get the two I like everytime. This is a long review but what I would say is it tastes like the inside of those pineapple lump chocolate things, it tastes ok but is personally too sweet for me. Someone else might like it better than the juicy peach, who knows! Overall still a great product with great ingredients and nutritional value, flavour just wasn't for me sorry :)


    Love the taste!!! No yucky aftertaste but it is super duper sweet! I halve the recommended scoop as it was too sweet for me but I've found the right measurement for me. Great for a recovery drink!


    Tastes great, wake up fresh!

    REnee KAtona
    Fantastic Products

    Thank you for making your products so healthy and chemical free