The Secret To The Perfect Bowl + Eating The Rainbow

With summer unpacking on our doorstep, winters bags are being put back into storage for another year. Along with all of the cosy protein oats that keep you warm for an entire morning and the melted butter and maple hotcakes that get you out of bed on a chilly Sunday. 

Increasingly hotter mornings call for, easily digested brekkies that keep you feeling light and energised.  

Most people reach for the “protein shake”, and that's fantastic for a busy morning and if you haven’t made one with our super greens AND protein together, I highly recommend you give it a go next time, getting in those vital nutrients and greens superior to just adding spinach and keeping you far more satisfied with the hit of protein rather than being hungry 20min later.

However, on those mornings that you have 10min to prepare and eat (yep I promise only 10min from start to finish) try making one of these thick bowls. Each one can be tailored to whatever vitamin, mineral, omega fat, taste preference and in-season fruit or veg you would like to use. 

Shopping Tips:

I investigate the clearance rack at my local fruit and veg shop and gather kilograms of fruit for only a few bucks. Then I go home, chop and freeze them. It doesn’t matter if they are slightly bruised and soft as they will be perfectly icy for any of these bowls. 

From the well-accustomed apples and pears right through to the exotic pitayas, pawpaws, persimmons, and pomegranates all fruits are welcome. Veggies have also found their way into some of my recipes, however, they have needed to be a little more deliberate in choice as not all make the cut. The ones that make roll call are:

* sweet potato (any variety)
* pumpkin
* cauliflower
* zucchini
* spinach

Note: All but the spinach require pre-cooking and its really your choice whether to freeze them or just used them cooled as both ways work. 

Eating The Rainbow

You’ve no doubt heard the saying “eat the rainbow” and this is really important when it comes to your diet and the consumption of fruits and vegetables (not skittles)! The more colours the better! Different colours as a general rule of thumb provide different nutrients. For example:

* Purple fruit and veggies have Anthocyanin, the pigment that gives them their colour and has been shown to act as an antioxidant, protecting the body against damage (anti-inflammatory).

* All orange and yellow veg are known for their high concentrations of Beta-carotene (the precursor of vitamin A)

...and the list continues with facts and benefits of each colour. So play Russian roulette with your local clearance rack and just go with whatever's on the day. 

The Goodness

Melons are the fastest digesting food on the planet. Requiring very little energy and passing through the stomach in 20min followed by most other sweet fruits taking around 30min (avocado and highly fibrous fruits that let's be honest we all label as veg will take longer because of their fat and fibre contents but let's stick to the ones we are utilising in the Bowls) less energy put towards digestion first thing in the morning means the excess uptake can be pumped into feeling light and vibrant instead of bogged down by the heavier fat-laden choices many make, leaving you wanting a nap instead of enjoying the fresh air and outdoors that are on our doorstep living in this beautiful land down under. 

Some fats that are essential for health like our omega-3s and the vitamins that are fat-soluble (absorbed because of fats in the diet) : A, D, E, and K are not only easy to include in these bowls but they slow the gastric dumping (digestion) and keep us fuller for longer without holding us down, they just prolong the awesome energy. My favourite toppers for aesthetic and taste are; (pre-soaked to form gel) flax and chia seeds, peanut butter, cacao nibs, walnuts, toasted pine, sesame, almond, and every noun and again ill chuck half an Avocado into the base for a super creamy texture and for the days I need more calories and satiety. 

And obviously the MVP (Most Valuable Player) in these bowels is the protein if your like me and whey gives you the bloat and distended belly bump I would always opt for the vegan proteins, however worth noting that our whey-based proteins if well tolerated provide a more fluffy and voluminous bowl, (pictured in the matcha latte bowl). Protein creates satiety and essential amino acids that promote muscle preservation, recovery, and general wellbeing.  

The Recipe

Step 1: The ingredients

Using ANY fruit of your choosing that has been chopped and frozen, add to a food processor (blenders shape and power load generally will not create the thick consistency that is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for a smoothy bowl), there's nothing worse than ending up with a smoothy in your bowl and kinda just drinking it with a spoon when you really just need a mason jar and a straw.

Step 2: The base

Add a scoop of your chosen white wolf nutrition protein flavour and blend it! On some occasions if you’ve got the powder ration a bit higher because you’ve added cacao powder, matcha, Macca, greens and or another nutrition-packed powder you will need to add a dribble of plant milk or even cooled espresso (really any liquid that floats your taste boat) iv even used beet juice for a wicked colour kick and its vessel dilation properties before a workout. Also adding the cooled veggies or avocado aids in place of liquids.

Step 3: The bowl

Transfer the ice-cream consistency goodness to your half a coconut shell or bowl and top with your desired fresh fruits and fats. Note that toppers are really the calorie kickers in these bowels as fats are 9cal per gram over the carbs and protein base found in the fruits and powders at more than half that at 4kcal per gram. Most bases of frozen fruit and protein rarely exceed 300kcal, a very low but high volume breakfast! However, if you start adding avocados, and bouge toppings, that's when more attention needs to be paid if you have a specific goal in mind. 

Step 4: The toppings

Some “healthy nutritious” acai bowls you buy thinking you're choosing the better option for your goals far exceed a bacon, sausage and egg breakfast and go into the thousands of calories, sneakily sabotaging you. 
So my advice is to start with the base using any fruit and added superfood you’d like then pay attention to portions of your chosen fats and toppers based on your energy uses and goals. 

The longest and hardest part of the entire process is cleaning all the nook and crannies of the food processor but I promise the effort is worth it.

Enjoy Wolfpack!

Blog & Images Lovingly Provided By: @brookecordudy