Anti inflammatory protein balls

Accelerate Your Recovery with Mushroom and Vegan Protein

Feeling sore after an intense  workout? Inflammation and lactic acid are the by-products of high intensity exercise - thankfully there is a vegan/vegetarian solution.  Recover fast and get your body back in shape for the next workout with a high-protein mushroom and chocolate vegan protein powder blend. In this vegan protein recipe you will find the right mix of anti-inflammatory ingredients to raise your metabolism (turmeric, coconut oil and ginger) and vegan protein to build muscle. By focusing on reducing inflammation you may be able to pack in an extra workout into your busy schedule without paying for it with morning-after soreness and inflammation.

Perfect for: Anytime

Preparation Time: 5 minutes or less


2 x capsules micronized Reishi mushroom
1 x tsp ground ginger 
1 x tbs chopped candied ginger (optional)
2 x tbs cacao/cocoa powder 
1 x tsp activated charcoal
1 x tbs ground flax seeds
2 x scoops chocolate vegan protein blend
2 x cups of oats
1/2 x cup coconut oil
1/4 x cup honey
2 x tsp turmeric (for rolling) 



  1. Melt the honey and coconut oil in microwave, checking every 10seconds until completely liquid.
  2. Combine all ingredients together
  3. Let sit in fridge for 15min until coconut and honey solidify again.

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RECIPE BY Brooke Cord-udy