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    Party girl turned fitness advocate - Lacey is the real deal. She turned her goal to her passion and her career and is now helping women in Australia through her online programs to be lean and healthy.


    Jessica is a sports nutritionist & PT who's passionate about living a fulfilling & healthy lifestyle. An advocate for female empowerment & pushes her limits by competing in body sculpting competitions.


    Plant-based foodie. Passionate vegan. Self-love advocate. Choc-peanut butter protein smoothie bowl enthusiast. Sharer of vegan love and life! Lover of yoga, reading & natural health.


    Fitness lover, powerlifter, F45 enthusiast & mother of two. Inspiring others to succeed whilst sharing her passion & wisdom to motivate & push others to reach there dreams and goals.


    Ashley is a certified nutrition health coach and personal trainer with a passion for healing body shame and promoting self love.


    Brook is a nutrition student with a passion/obsession for gut health and wellness. She works as a personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach.


    Emma has a holistic approach to health & strives to influence others. She creates nourishing recipes, is a regular gym-goer & loves local fresh good markets.


    Budding vegan nutritionist. Lover of plants, matcha and morning runs. Often found in my natural habitat; the closest cafe.


    Courtney is a fitness fanatic, online wellness coach and lover of life, health and nutrition. She is also a PT in training! Also new mum to a gorgeous baby girl!


    Surfer/Roxy Girl, Model, Fitness Enthusiast & Ocean Lover from the Gold Coast Australia. My life revolves around surfing and the ocean lifestyle


    Jackson is a 16 year old teen from Sydney. A year 10 student at Barker College and a promising Formula Ford racing driver for Borland Racing Developments.