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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 90 reviews
    Best protein powder

    I’ve tried a few powders now but this is by far the yummiest. So smooth you can drink alone with water or add it to everything. I’m not vegan but have tried both the regular and vegan and still prefer the vegan.


    Taste great and doesn’t upset my stomach like other vegan protein powders I’ve tried in the past.


    Great quality vegan protein that tastes delicious, the new recipe is even better!

    Great quality, but taste is too strong

    Personally didn't like the taste as it was too strong for me. However, it dissolved well and the protein/kcal ratio is great.

    I next tried the Salted Caramel flavor and loved it. So it's a matter of personal taste, as chocolate flavor is just not for me.


    The only other protein powder I tried was ON gold standard 100% whey but this doesn't agree with me due to its lactose content. Reading lots of reviews of vegan powders didn't fill me with confidence that I would find anything that mixes well and tastes good. It seems I got lucky with my first try. This WW vegan superfood blend seems rather good to me. It mixes quite well (not quite as well as ON gold standard) and there is a slightly grainy/chalkiness if you are being picky but it's not something you really notice. I like the chocolate flavour even better than the ON gold standard. It goes equally well with water or zymil or a mix of both. I haven't tried the other flavours but would definitely buy the chocolate one again.