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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 68 reviews
    Kelly Elliott
    Amazing product!

    This was my first attempt at vegan protein and I'm super impressed. This was a great way to try all the flavours and they mix so well, not gritty at all. My favourite is the iced coffee so far.

    Better than other vegan ones I’ve tried

    Although it is better than other Vegan protein powders I’ve tried before it still a vegan protein powder and doesn’t taste good, in the sense that I enjoy drinking it,, more so I can just drink it and be fine with it, without having to force myself to drink it, I personally only really liked the vanilla flavour, the others were a little bit of a grind to get it’d own, however this is all personally preference and let’s not skimp over the fact that these are much better than other vegan ones I’ve tried. I’ve already ordered a bag of the vanilla flavour.

    Madeline Shone
    Quality, Quality, Quality!!!!

    I was on the hunt for a quality and tasty vegan protein that wasn't tipping the calorie scales, and thanks to white wolf, I've found it! Unlike other vegan products, this one mixes easily and completely into water in my shaker bottle. The flavour of each individual pack is distinct and tastes great... you know its a quality product right away. I also love the texture. It feels slightly more dense and thicker, compared to different brands, without it being too heavy. It leaves me feeling satisfied, especially if I enjoy a serving to cut those sweet cravings. I can have a serving twice a day - after breakfast and late evening post-workout - without sacrificing any cals and without the hassle of an upset stomach afterwards. Best brand by far!!!

    Michele Bridge
    Pea protein sample bag

    The 4 sample sachets didn’t have a lot of flavour,so I was disappointed in that. I shall check to see if there’s any other flavours in a sample bag. I was happy with the ease of ordering and delivery

    Really great product!

    Really enjoyed this sample pack!