Chocolate chia pudding

Rich, creamy, chocolatey and delicious, without the guilt.

Ah chocolate. Where would we be without chocolate? In all honesty we don’t even want to think about the answer to that because the thought of a chocolate-free world is unbearable. The main downside to chocolate is the fact that it often contains dairy produce, plus it’s so bad for us. Surely then, those on a health kick will not be able to enjoy a delicious chocolate pudding without piling on the pounds? Actually, they can, if they choose to enjoy this wonderful Vegan chocolate chia pudding.

This pudding contains just three ingredients. That’s right, just three, and it can be made and enjoyed in less than 10 minutes. Containing almond milk, which is packed full of vitamin E, this is a wonderful recipe for people dealing with inflammation. The chocolatey goodness comes in the form of muscle building vegan chocolate protein which gives the pudding a rich and creamy texture. Finally, for even more health benefits you will also find Chia Seeds, which are loaded full of beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids and give this pudding a wonderful richness that compliments the chocolate and almond milk perfectly.

For times when you get the cravings for something rich, decadent, gooey, and satisfying, this vegan chocolate chia pudding is not to be missed.


Perfect for: Snack

Preparation Time: 10 minutes or less

Serves: 1


3/4 cup almond milk
1 scoops of Whitewolf Nutrition Vegan Chocolate Protein Powder
2 tbs chia seeds
Topping - coconut yoghurt


  1. Blend everything together for 3 minutes until you get a nice pudding consistency. 
  2. Spoon into serving cup or bowl
  3. Finish with your choice of topping

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