Why do we Include Cell Charge in our products

We get asked all the time… WHAT IS CELL CHARGE?

Cell Charge™ is a plant based solution that is extremely rich in concentrated polyphenols, flavonoids, amino acids, electrolytes and fulvic minerals that replaces many of the micronutrients that are missing in our diets. Cell Charge™ is essentially a Super Nutrient Booster.

Now what do we mean by a “Super Nutrient Booster”? This means that Cell Charge™ helps with nutrient absorption, which ensures you are retaining all the possible nutrients in the food and supplements you are taking. This is only one of many benefits of incorporating Cell Charge™ in our products. It is also proven to assist with gut health, improving exercise recovery, reduces inflammation, and boosting immunity. Plus, being a plant based solution, Cell Charge™ is vegan friendly, and 100% Natural, and best of all it is scientifically proven and research backed.

A recent research study suggests Cell Charge™ taken daily is greatly beneficial for immune health and in particular, respiratory issues! A cardinal finding in the study was that Cell Charge™ stimulates parts of the immune system that results in B-cell and antibody production so that harmful substances, such as bacteria and antigens, are destroyed.

A further study on gene expression profiling on White Blood Cells in the presence of and absence of Fulvic Minerals determined 791 genes were “upregulated”, (or increasing the cell response), including genes involved in:

  • Expression of DNA repair
  • Cellular proliferation (where the number of healthy cells increase; cell proliferation is a good indicator of general cell health)
  • DNA replication
  • Inflammatory response
  • Oxidation-reduction process

The study concluded that it was apparent that the stimulating effects of fulvic minerals on white blood cells were diverse, however, one main finding was the importance in the oxidation-reduction properties of fulvic minerals. The reason this is important is that oxidative stress occurs naturally in the body as part of the normal metabolic process. Oxidative stress is the imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants within the body. Long term oxidative stress can lead to cell damage and the development of several conditions as well as accelerating the aging process.

So we know fulvic minerals are great, but what does that mean for White Wolf Nutrition and Cell Charge™? Well Cell Charge™ is the worlds most potent form of organic Fulvic Minerals and is included in high quantities in most of our products, to ensure you get absolutely everything out of each and every White Wolf Nutrition product.