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Why overnight oats are here to stay

Are you tired of the morning rush and skipping breakfast? Say hello to overnight oats – the convenient, nutritious, and delicious solution to your busy mornings. This high protein, high fibre start to the day has quickly become a breakfast staple. By soaking oats in liquid overnight, they soften and absorb flavours, creating a creamy and nutritious breakfast option.

Traditional overnight oats recipes often rely on dairy-based ingredients like milk and yogurt for added creaminess and protein. However, more people are turning to plant-based protein sources like pea protein, hemp protein, and almond milk for a lighter and more sustainable option.

Our Natural + Lean Vegan Protein is a favourite as it holds its texture and stays smooth, unlike many other blends. With a wide range of flavours, customising your overnight oats to meet your preferences has never been easier! French Vanilla is our best-selling staple, but Coconut Rough makes for a delicious fruit and nut bowl, while Choc Malt is rich and decadent like a dessert!






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Overnight oats are perfect for meal prep, allowing you to prepare multiple servings in advance and customise each one with your favourite toppings and mix-ins. Simply grab a jar from the fridge in the morning, and you have a nutritious and delicious breakfast ready to go! We have a quick and easy recipe to get you started → Read More

What are you waiting for? Start fuelling your day better today!