Choc Banana Smoothie

Banana And Vegan Chocolate Protein Really Satisfies

When it comes to smoothies, some ingredients are good, and others appear at first to be bad for you (but when blended with vegan protein turn good). Banana is good as it is loaded full of nutrients and provides numerous health advantages for the body. It also tastes great, which is a nice bonus. Chocolate however, is an ingredient which is generally not associated with health and fitness. This vegan protein chocolate and banana smoothie however, is the exception. It is rich, creamy, decadent, and devilishly moreish, with the added bonus of being very healthy. Made with vegan chocolate protein it combines the rich taste of chocolate, with the creamy texture of banana, to give you a smoothie that’s just too good to share. You may be wondering where the liquid comes from? Well, that comes in the form of organic coconut milk or water. This vegan protein smoothie is packed full of minerals and electrolytes, along with heaps of vegan protein and amino acids that promote muscle growth and repair.

This smoothie serves as a fantastic pre or post-workout shake, it can be enjoyed as a healthy breakfast, or it can simply be enjoyed whenever the craving for
something sweet and creamy hits you.

Perfect for: Breakfast

Preparation Time: 10 minutes or less

Serves: 1


1 scoop of White Wolf Nutrition Chocolate All-in-One Protein Blend

200-250mL of Organic Coconut Milk or Water

1 Ripe Banana



1. Add all ingredients into blender 

2. Blend for about 30 Seconds

3. Enjoy your Protein / Superfood Shake

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