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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    So tasty

    I have tried a number of protein powders over the past few years and by far White Wolf Coconut Rough is now my new favourite! Tick all my boxes... low carb, low cal & dairy free with the best taste!

    Choc coconut

    Absolutely awesome. I use this in baking and everyone loves it.

    SO GOOD!

    I have tried almost all plant proteins out there, and White Wolf hands down have the best flavour and top ingredients. I was skeptical with Coconut Rough as I wasn't sure about the coconut pieces, however, when I tried it, I absolutely love it. The coconut pieces are great and I prefer them. The flavour is on point. Strawberries and Cream and Coconut Rough are our staples,

    A chocolate lamington bar!

    It tastes like the chocolate malt flavour with the bonus of coconut pieces! Taste and creaminess are absolutely on point and personally I find it similar to eating a chocolate lamington bar! Such clean ingredients and I am super impressed! Once you try White Wolf, you won’t look back!

    when I opened the tub was the smell, it was divine and I wanted in! This is like a chocolate coconut explosion with toasty coco pieces, too! It is very rare to find a vegan protein powder that has a strong and appealing flavour, but this brand is it. Keen to try all the flavours now :) Highly recommend unless you don't like strong-flavoured protein powder, but you could add extra water I guess.

    More coconut

    As a lover of all things coconut a coconut protein screams my name ! The smell when I opened it was exciting however the chocolate over powered the coconut taste a little too much. Still a nice protein but needs more of a coconut punch i think!