Get To Know Aussie Ninja Olivia Vivian

Get To Know Aussie Ninja Olivia Vivian

Hi, my name’s Olivia and an Aussie Ninja and White Wolf lover.

My favourite workouts are F45 training and Lagree Reformer classes, and with the addition of my favourite White Wolf Nutrition product- Aminos, I love how fast my muscles are able to recover and I’m no longer waking up like the tin man the day after a hard workout.

My life has certainly been a rollercoaster of experiences, right from the moment I was born with a condition called diaphragmic hernia. I was born with a hole in my diaphragm, with all my lower organs up in my chest cavity crushing my lunges. I underwent surgery that ⅓ newborns survive and my journey of proving professionals wrong after they told my parents I’d never do sports.

After losing my father to cancer in 3013, I went into some pretty dark stages of depression, and finding my way back to fitness and health has given me an outlook on life that is so grateful and outgoing. I love that I have the physical ability to exercise and most of all inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle and be strong.

I’ve found a sport, and community within it that has changed my life forever, I aim to be the best because I’m motivated and inspired by my own goals and the support that surrounds me. It’s not always an easy path when you chose a sport that only pays when you complete 6 intense obstacle courses including a 20+ meter rope climb in under 30 seconds, but I’m fueled with passion and the help of companies such as White Wolf Nutrition who help reduce the costs of training and living.